Isla Valdecañas, where the only thing you need to drive is your golf cart.
The development contains a marina with 76 to 150 expandable docks.

The island is filled with paths for golf carts, bikes and pedestrians, allowing for an enjoyable walk from your villa to the boat or the other sporting and relaxation facilities within the complex.

The Valdecañas reservoir, with its 7,300 hectares of water, is navigable virtually year-round, making it the ideal site for sports and leisure sailing.

The Isla Valdecañas marina is managed by the Isla Valdecañas Nautical
Club, which has the goal of promoting recreational sailing by its members in the Valdecañas reservoir and the promotion of non-professional sports in the Isla Valdecañas complex.
Anyone (legal and natural persons) who is a property owner in the Marina Isla Valdecañas tourist complex may become a member of this association. Membership may also be attained by non-owners, upon presentation by five or more members, when the individual freely and voluntarily demonstrates an interest in advancing the goals of the association.

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